Kallurin lighthouse and Seal Woman

Guided hikes
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Price 187 EUR
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Moderate Hike
6 - 10 KM
Pref. Wind:
South-west, West

When and where

09:30 Park your car at the large parking lot free of charge in the town Klaksvík on Borðoy Island next to the ferry.

09:45 Meet with the guide next to the ferry for your tickets and walk onto the ferry to Kalsoy Island departing at 10:00 am

At 10.00 am: Take the ferry, Sam, from Klaksvík to Syðradalur. The ferry ride takes about 20 minutes.

When you arrive in Syðradalur, the guide will lead you to a shuttle bus that will take you to Trøllanes.

The hike starts at the bus stop in Trøllanes at 11.00 am, where the guide will be waiting for you.


  • Ferry ticket from Klaksvík to Kalsoy Island (and back again)
  • Local Driver & Shuttle bus on Kalsoy Island
  • Local Tour Guide on the bus
  • Local Tour Guide to Kallur Lighthouse
  • 200 DKK mandatory farmer's hiking fee





Guided hikes
Choose a date
Price 187 EUR
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Current weather

Syðradalur 4,5 m/s NA° South 7,1 m/s 16:23

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