Difficult Hike

Suitable for
Experienced hikers. Hikers who have endurance, good hiking gear and hiking boots, and knowledge of maps and compass GPS.

Altitude (meters) and Length (kilometers)
600-800 m and 20 km.

Gravel, stony and snow during winter. Steep terrain, longer gravel stretches and swampy ground. Crossing rivers (wade).

Various steep terrains and challenges. Stretches of dizziness. In some places, climbing and crawling is required.

Saksun - Magnusarrók, Skoradalur og Lógv

161 EUR
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Tyril, Trælavatn and much more

73 EUR
A hike from Syðrugøta to Tyril and Trælavatn (slavewater).
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Cape Enniberg

80 EUR
Minimum group size: 5 people.
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