Moderate Hike

Suitable for
For those with some hiking experience. Hikers with moderate experience. People with basic hiking knowledge.

Altitude (meters) and Length (kilometers)
600-700 m and 10 km.

Some difficult stretches. A bit stony. Crossing rivers in some places.

Gentle slopes – a few steep slopes. Stretches of dizziness for people with a fear of heights.

Kallurin lighthouse

73 EUR
No bus included. Choose Kallurin and Seal Woman if you want a bus to pick you up by the ferry.
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Teigarnir - Drangarnir

80 EUR
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Tyril, Trælavatn and much more

73 EUR
A hike from Syðrugøta to Tyril and Trælavatn (slavewater).
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Centre of the Faroe Islands

79 EUR
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Kallurin lighthouse and Seal Woman

127 EUR
This tour includes a bus picking you up from the ferry.
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