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6 - 10 KM
Múlin 421m Eggjarrók 421m and Navirnar 211m

The trip starts in Gamlarætt, from where you take the ferry, Teistin, to Hestur. The trip takes 15 minutes. In the village of Hestur there is a trail you can hike along.

Óluva Zachariasen 296558
Sanna Silvurstein 284742


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Pól Sundskarð

Pól is born in 1957 and grew up in Klaksvík, Faroe Islands. As a youth Pól already showed his skills as a proven sportsman in many different categories. The interest for extreme sport started at a relative late level in his life. In 2015 Pól ran 526 km in 5 days, and the same year he and his wife Bjørg, as the fist couple in the Faroes, climbed all 340 faroese mountains.
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