Saksun - Heimariheyggur

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Moderate Hike
2 - 5 KM

When and where

When:                From April 1. to September 23.

Meeting point:    Parking lot by "Dúvugarðar"

Participants:       Minimum 5  -  maximum 15

Age limit:            15 years old

Lenght:               6 KM

Duration:             Approximately 3 hours

Price:                   600 DKK per person

After the hike it's possible to buy waffles and coffee from the farmerlady in "Dúvugørðum". Price: 65 DKK.


Let's go to the top of the mountain and experience the panorama view ower Saksun. Together with an experienced guide, you will walk safely through the incredible nature and besides getting a fantastic panorama view, you will also get the chance to enjoy the quietness and the animal- and birdlife in the area.

The hike will start on the parking lot near "Dúvugarðar". From there we will walk on the "bygdagøta" (transl. path between villages) thowards "Gellingará", which is a river that runs into "Pollin". On the top of "Heimaraheyggi" (409m), we will enjoy the panorama view ower the valley, village, "Pollin", "Ósan" and "Lónna".

Guides: Gurið Lómfelli +298251348 and Irdi Jacobsen +298523100

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