Shepherd for a day in Viðareiði July 8th

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Easy Hike
2 - 5 KM

Shepherd for a day

Would you like to be involved in herding the sheep, sheep shearing and other related jobs? Then you have the opportunity on 8 July at Viðareiði.

The trip is approx. 5 hours, when we start by herding the sheep. It is a moderate 2 hours tour, where you can count on the heart rate to increase a little until we are back and the work of shearing the wool and giving medicine starts. When the work is finished, a meal is served where you have the opportunity to taste the farm's own production.

When and where

When: July 8. at 10 am.

Where: Viðareiði. Meeting point by the "village-sign" at the "old road".

Duration: approximately 5 hours.

Price: 575 DKK per person.


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Current weather

Dalavegur til Viðareiðis 1,2 m/s 10,7° South 3,4 m/s 14:07

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