Hornið - Eiði

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Difficult Hike

Meeting point

We will meet with "Fitjarnar", also known as Kikarin, which means the telescope. It is a beautiful location near the village Eiði, with a veiw on both Risin&kellingin and Slættaratindur. It takes the name “Kikarin” (the telescope), since there is a telescope placed on this location, giving you the best view. Easaly accessable by car.

The hike starts at 10am and the duration is approximately 6 hours.

It's a long and heavy hike, around 9-11km.

Minimum group size: 6 people.

About the hike

Since it's a long hike, we recommend you to bring something to eat and always remember to bring beverages.

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Current weather

Norðskálatunnilin 8,7 m/s 8,5° East 22,1 m/s 15:50

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