Mykines - Sustainable tourism

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Sustainable tourism on Mykines in the future

The landowners on Mykines and Visit Vagar have begun the work to make tourism on Mykines more sustainable.
This is to protect and preserve the fragile nature, the bird and animal life and the daily life of the people who lives on the island.
For a while, the owners and Visit Vágar have been working together on a solution.
As a result, the owners have put a person in charge of the project from January 2023, who will work with the owners and other partners involved towards a more sustainable long-term solution.
A solution with limitations that involves package tours with approved Faroese guides.
In connection with this, the owners will organize a local guide course to be held at Mykines in April 2023.
More information about the course and package costs etc. will follow.
The work is already started and is expected to be completed in March.

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Mykines - Sustainable tourism

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