The Altar - Rustin (Fuglafjord)

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Easy Hike
6 - 10 KM

When and where

The hike starts at 10am by the football field in Fuglafjørður and ends at the same spot.

Scheduled hikes are on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.

Minimum participants: 4

About the hike

An excursion through the Pass (Skarðið), that is placed between "Fuglafjord" and "Hellurnar" or even up to “Altarið” translated to "the Altar" is always a pleasant trip. The hike is suitable for people of all ages and in almost all weather conditions. The traditional Faroese cairns have been repaired by the youths in the village recently and the trail is in good condition.

What can you expect from this hike? Remind yourself to turn around on the way up to look towards the village and all the tall and majestic mountains that surround it. On the way up you will arrive at a big rock that has been called “Malunarhav”. This rock weighs 176kg, and it is tradition to try and lift it of the ground.

From there you continue towards the big cairns all the way up on the Pass. From the Pass you can choose to go higher to the wide pass, from there you can see “Góðadal” and “Kalsoy.” Along the trail you can see a lot of different types of rocks.  A lot of the rocks are covered in moss which we, back in the days, used to color with.

We are surrounded by the mountains and big open fields. A fresh breath of air, the birds are chirping and we see an array of different colors – all depending on the season. Our moments in the mountains are precious and work as a form of therapy. Enjoy the moment. Take a deep breath. Fully take in your surroundings. The Faroe Islands, including “Fuglafjørður”, is a one-of-a-kind experience.

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