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When and where

The hike will start when you arrive in the village. No matter if you go with the ferry at 9 am or 10.45 am.

Meet the puffins and the breathtaking nature

On this tour you will see all the popular destinations on the island and experience the rich bird population, breathtakingly beautiful nature and a perfect idyllic village.

This purchase does not include a seat on the ferry, so please make sure to book a seat on the ferry which is required before accessing this tour.

On arrival you will be welcomed by one of our guides who will explain the tour and practical things that must be clarified.

The route is prearranged so that you start from the village and then make your way uphill and continue out towards “Rógvukollur” where you will have a magnificent view over the puffin and gannet colonies. Unfortunately, you cannot walk past this point. After the landslide in 2021 the area is not safe for travel.

You will pass the memorial monument. On the monument you will find the name of men who have lost their life at sea or in the mountains.

On the way back you can make a short stop at the puffin viewpoint at Óli Rama before the route continues along the edge “eftir eggini” where you can enjoy the fantastic view on the route above the village that will bring you to "Grótvalaportrið" and back down to the village where you can visit the viewpoint "Kumlar". In the village, the route is planned with respect for the daily life of the residents so that it can continue undisturbed.

Make sure you are dressed for changing weather and wear good non-slippery walking shoes or boots.

Sustainable tourism with respect to local community

This tour is arranged by the landowners and the net income will fund the development of the village and island in order to protect and preserve the nature, bird- and wildlife and the local community. I.e., by construction and maintenance of trails, rebuilding old stone fences and so on.


Ramsar is an intergovernmental treaty on protecting wetlands of global importance, preserved, the area utilized sensibly, and measures should be taken to protect the environment.

Because of the growing pressure from the steadily increasing number of travelers from all over the world wanting to go to this small delicate area, safety measures are installed to limit the number of people going to this Ramsar area and to protect this wildlife.

Terms and conditions

Please remember to book the boat tour separately to make sure you can come back and forth to Mykines.

The price for the hiking tour is DKK 400 for each traveler 15 years and older. If you book and pay the tour on no later than the day before the price is DKK 400. When paid on arrival on Mykines the price is DKK 500. Children under 15 years of age are free.

To protect the nature, bird- and wildlife this tour is only open for tourist between 10 am and 5 pm and the number of tourists limited as well.

Guidelines for Mykines

We want you to enjoy our beautiful island and its treasures as much as we do. 

To help us preserve it for the future we ask you to follow these guidelines while you are visiting.

Precautions to take when travelling in the puffin colony

The puffins (and all the other birds and don´t forget the sheep) need their rest so you are only allowed to walk outside Mykines village between 10:00 am and 17:00 pm. 

Always stay on the trail. There are nesting puffins under your feet

When the puffins come to land (end of April/beginning of May) they start preparing their burrow. A burrow is a hole or a tunnel that can be over a meter deep in the terrain used by nesting puffins. 

When walking in areas where puffins burrow, please be aware of where you step. You should always stick to the trail and refrain from stopping on the trail, to cause as little disruption as possible.

Do not linger

Baby puffins are called pufflings. They hatch out of the eggs in July, but for the first few weeks they don’t leave the burrow. They usually leave the burrow in mid-August.

If you make stops on the trail it keeps the puffins away from their pufflings because they are afraid, and this can lead to starvation of the pufflings. 

If you see a "Sildberi", which is a puffin that carries sand launces (fish), it's probably on its way to feed its young. So if you see a puffin with fish in the beak sitting in front of you for a long time you are probably blocking the access to its nest. Please step away.  

Be quiet

Please be quiet and always stay min. 2 meters from the puffins.

It is absolutely forbidden to reach inside puffin nests and touch or grab puffins and it's also absolutely forbidden to take pictures inside puffin nests. 

If you see any such behaviour please contact a guide or a local.


Last but not least - Please respect the locals and private property

You are welcome to enjoy a walk through the village, but please do not do any of the following without permission:

·      take pictures of people.

·      step inside people's homes or look through their windows. 

·      climb any stone- or wire fences.


Please do not litter and please bring back your litter to the main island.

The puffins thank you for picking up litter that you find in the nature.

Guided hikes
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Price 53 EUR
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