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Easy Hike
2 - 5 KM
Pref. Wind:

Meeting point

The hike starts at the parking slot beside the church at 12 o'clock and ends at the same spot.

Minimum group size: 5

About the hike

The hike is around 5km and is easy to walk. The duration is approximately 4 hours. 

Eiðiskollur is a 343-meter high sea cliff near Eiði on the Faroe Islands.

The hike and the view from the top of the cliffs is marvelous. Especially the view down onto Risin - Kellingin, two legendary rocks that rise 75 meters up from the sea.

And if you are a bird lover, this may be the perfect place to go, because there are alot of different kinds of birds, like Northern Fulmar, puffin, eurasian oystercatcher, whimbrel, hooded crow, northern raven, common eider, black guillemot, raazorbill, european shag, grey lag-goose and many species of (sea)gull.


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Current weather

Gjáarskarð 9,8 m/s 9,0° South 13,8 m/s 10:10 Norðskálatunnilin 6,5 m/s NA° South-east 12,9 m/s 09:55

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Image: Ari Samson
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