Hattarvík - Fugloy (Group tour)

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Easy Hike
2 - 5 KM, 6 - 10 KM
We provide group tours to Hattarvík - Fugloy. Groups must be minimum 15 participants.

The trip starts in Hvannasund at 08:45AM, where we board the ferry "Ritan" en-route to the village Hattarvík on Fugloy.

The boattrip takes about 1 hour and 15 minuttes.

Upon arrival in Hattarvík, we serve breakfast.

When breakfast is consumed, we offer a guided tour up the mountain “Eystfelli” wich is the most eastern part of the Faroe Islands. The mindblowing nature presents it self and local  guides proivde all participants relevant stories and spectacular wievingpoints on the moutain.

All participants will be provided with a solid lunchbox, containing traditional faroese food, all produced at the farm.

The hike is around two hours and is classified as a medium heavy hike.

When we get back to the farm, there will be served soup, tea and coffee.

Before departure, there is a sightseeing walk in the village and a visit to the church.

Departure from Hattarvík boarding the ferry “Ritan” to Hvannasund is around kl. 16:00PM with ETA in Hvannasund at kl. 17:30PM.



Price pr. person, inclusive breakfast, lunchbox, soup, beverages, guide and ferry costs dkr. 695,-.


Furthermore, we always need to rely on the weatherforcast.

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Current weather

Klaksvík 3,3 m/s 11,9° South-east 5,3 m/s 15:09

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