Hike to the extraordinary Dysjarnar in Sandoy

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Difficult Hike
6 - 10 KM
Pref. Wind:
North, North-west
Hike to the extraordinary Dysjarnar in Sandoy

An excursion to Dysjarnar placed at the eastern side of Sandoy 30th of May at 10.30.

The landscape of Dysjarnar is very different from anything else at the Faroes. It is rocky, and some think it looks like where elves would live. It is a rare opportunity to explore Dysjarnar, since this area is only accessible upon appointment with local landowners, due to its fragile and rich nature and birdlife.

Practical information
The meeting point is by the lakes Hálsavøtnini near Skopun. A guide will lead us to Dysjarnar and then to the mountain Tind, which is the highest mountain in Sandoy. The day ends in the area "á Brekkuni Stóru" at around 16.30, in due time for the bus and connecting ferry from Skopun at 18.35. It is also possible to spend the weekend in one of our summercottages or Hotel Skálavík.

For group bookings, please send a message to hiking@hiking.fo  or info@visitsandoy.fo

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Current weather

Sandoy,á Brekkuni Stóru 2,4 m/s NA° South 5,1 m/s 08:20 Skopun 4,1 m/s 10,7° South-east 6,9 m/s 08:20

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Image: Ari Samson
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