Út á Draga: The British outpost

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Easy Hike
2 - 5 KM
Pref. Wind:
South-west, West
The British outpost A hike to the ruins of a WW2 guard post.

A beautiful and easy hike. If you are able to walk on the moor, you can take this hike. The distance is altogether about 5 kilometers. We start in the village and walk out to the headland called Dragin, where the English used to have an outpost during the war. There is also a bird fowling seat at Dragin, which will be pointed out to you, during the walk.

The ruins we head for are those of the watch house, where the British army kept constant lookout for German submarines during World War II. The spot commands an excellent view of the scenery as well as overlooking the ocean to the east and southeast towards Norway. On our walk we pass through moorland where an abundance of birdlife can be seen. One of the best places of its kind in the Faroes. We will also have the opportunity to see peat bogs and old peat sheds along the way.

Among the birds we can expect to see or hear are whimbrel, european golden plover, arctic skua, arctic tern, common eider, meadow pipit, greylag, and several species of gulls. In the cliffs are northern fulmar, puffin and european shag. Along the shore between large stones and boulders the beautiful black guillemot nests,

As we walk, we may also encounter geese of a special breed – the breed which the vikings brought with them to the Faroe Islands. Last but not least; the Faroese sheep will be about on the moor watching us as we walk past.

When we get back, we’ll sit down and have bread, cake, and a cup of coffee or tea (all included in the price).

 At around 10.00 in the morning we meet in the village. The ferry, Ritan, sails from Hvannasund to Svínoy at 8.45. on the hike there will be served coffe with a treat.

The hike takes around two and a half hours to finish, so there will be time to experience the cozy village before the ferry arrives.


Guide :

Jógvan Edmund á Geilini

Marius á Geilini

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Pól Sundskarð

Pól is born in 1957 and grew up in Klaksvík, Faroe Islands. As a youth Pól already showed his skills as a proven sportsman in many different categories. The interest for extreme sport started at a relative late level in his life. In 2015 Pól ran 526 km in 5 days, and the same year he and his wife Bjørg, as the fist couple in the Faroes, climbed all 340 faroese mountains.
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