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Group trips
Price 1,250 DKK
Island: Kallsoy Difficulty: Recommended with guide Length: 6 - 10 KM Pref. Wind: South-east, South-west

In the wake of a true legend

On this whole-day trip in the fabulous mountains of the northern Kalsoy - one of the most beautiful islands in the Faroe Islands - we will hike in the wake of the historical legend Páll Fangi. The journey will lead us to the remote location, only until this day visited by very few people, where it is told that Páll Fangi under dramatic circumstances lived in a cave through a long dark winter.

On our trip we will experience a wonderful and almost matchless scenery and a spectacular view along the way.

At the magnificent Páls Loft location we will eat our packed lunch with traditional local fillings as the legendary tale about Páll Fangi will be told.

The price for the guided tour, inclusive two experienced guides and a packed lunch and pancakes and coffee in the village of Trøllanes after the mountain trip is DKK 1250,- for each person.

Practical info to remember:
Hiking boots
Windbreake coat

This tour is a stiff walk in steep mountains and therefor some hiking skills are required. This is a trip for all of us that are able to say: Yes we can ????

Páll Fangi came from the village of the seal woman Mikladalur. He was accused of having killed his father in 1657. He was sentenced imprisonment with hard labour. He fled tree times and lived through a year in the mountains on Kalsoy. He finally tried to row to Scotland in a little boat but bad weather forced him back to the islands. On our trip you will hear the whole and dramatic story of Páll Fangi.

The guide is Rani Nolsøe

Group trips
Price 1,250 DKK

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Pól Sundskarð

Pól is born in 1957 and grew up in Klaksvík, Faroe Islands. As a youth Pól already showed his skills as a proven sportsman in many different categories. The interest for extreme sport started at a relative late level in his life. In 2015 Pól ran 526 km in 5 days, and the same year he and his wife Bjørg, as the fist couple in the Faroes, climbed all 340 faroese mountains.
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