Cape Enniberg

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Difficult Hike
6 - 10 KM
Pref. Wind:
South, South-west
Cape Enniberg (Viðoy) is with it's 754 metres (2,474 ft) one of the highest promontories in the world.

The trip starts at 10.00 am. and our local guide is Esmar Sørensen. For practical questions please contact Esmar at +298 751238

Meeting point: Tour starts in Viðareiði. We begin at Uppi við Garð and you can park the car by the hotel.

Always be accompanied by a guide
It's very important that you are accompanied by a professional tour guide for this trip.

The route starts at Við Garð in the northern part of Viðareiði. Go up the road and out through the gate to the outfield. Almost all the way to the top, the route is marked with blue plastic tubes that stick out of the ground. The first leg is grassy, but gradually the route becomes rockier and cliffs appear. Be aware of loose stones, especially if you are in a group.

On one part of the route uphill is an old stone wall. The wall was erected to prevent the cattle from going to steep areas in the mountains. When there are about 100 vertical meters left to the top, you will come to a small plateau with a cairn and some pointed rocks. One of the stones is called Kona Per (Per’s Wife). There is a story about a bachelor from Viðareiði who was teased about not having a wife, and the men teasing him proclaimed the rock to be his wife.

The cairns lead to the steep cliff Enniberg. It is often said among the Faroese that Enniberg, with its 754 meters, is the highest promontory in Europe (indeed, the world) facing the open sea. Whether this is true is not known with certainty, but it is fabulously beautiful and steep at any rate. It is, however, recommended to visit Enniberg together with local guides, since the place is difficult to access and it is easy to get lost.

You should not follow the cairns. Instead, continue to climb in the same line as before. In some places, there are small cairns, but after a few minutes, you will see a cairn with a rod that marks Torratindur, which is at the top of Villingardalsfjall.

The view from the top is spectacular. In addition to Malinsfjall, you see further south than on any of the other beautiful mountains of Viðoy. To the west, you have the proud Kunoyarnakkur, the northernmost of the six mountains in Kunoy that is taller than 800 meters. Kunoyarnakkur is a popular destination for the adventurous, but it is recommended not to make the trip without a local guide.

Be careful on the way down as the rocky surface is slippery.


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