Gásadalur - The postman's path

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Moderate Hike
6 - 10 KM
Pref. Wind:
East, North-east
Guided hiking tour from Bøur to Gásadalur.

Hiking trip to Gásadalur-  the old postman's route

This hiking trip begins beside the tunnel to Gásadalur

We hike up the mountain for a fantastic view over the village Gásadalur and Sørvágs fjord. The village has been one of the most isolated villages in the Faroe Islands until a tunnel in 2004 connected the village with the rest of the island's road network. Before that, one of the only ways to get there was by walking over the mountain, and this is the trail we will follow on this tour.

The first stretch of the path is rather steep and runs close to the edge of the mountain, where you get an outstanding view over Sørvágsfjørður, Tindhólmur, Gáshólmur and Mykines. On the way to Gásadalur, we will stop by some interesting places, and some local stories and myths from the past will be told. We will stop and drink from a very special creek that contains fresh water. Before we go down to Gásadalur you will get an opportunity to look down on the beautiful village Gásadalur, the mountains around it and the famous waterfall, from the upper angle.

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Image: Ari Samson
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