Mykineshólmur and the Lighthouse

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Easy Hike
2 - 5 KM
Pref. Wind:
Due to high demand on the route to Mykines it's recommended to buy tickets for the ferry as quick as possible. Buy tickets at

The price only includes a guided tour in Mykines. Remember to buy a ferry ticket and hiking fee at

The meetings point is in the Harbour on Mykines, the guide is Heine Heinesen +298 285072. 

The tour begins with a short briefing. After the briefing we start walking 100 m uphill towards a memorial (for people from Mykines lost at sea). Then we continue walking for 10 minutes to ”Rógva” from where we have a beautiful view over ”Lamba” the biggest puffin colony in the Faroe Islands. From Rógva we walk down the 30 meters stairs on the northern side of the island and continue on a path along the edge (120 m over sea level). Then we walk through Lamba (puffin area) to the bridge. From the bridge we are heading for the lighthouse. On our way we will see Puffins, Gannets and other birds from a short distance.

Bring a waterbottle and a snack with you
Choose good, non-slipery shoes for the walk
Dress according to the weather
If you are unstable on your legs then bring a hiking stick
Addiotional information about Mykines you can find under this links:
Additional important information
In the efforts to protect and preserve the unspoiled nature and bird life of Mykines, the owners have decided to restrict access to the nature by virtue of the law. Mykines is a Ramsar area and therefore we have to take extra care of our fragile nature. You can see the guidelines in the folder Rules for traveling - ENG (Grannastevnusamtykt - FO for in Faroese)


The restrictions stands on three main pillars

1. To limit the time where traveler are allowed to stay in the restricted area in the period of May to August, both included.
2. To control the access by require approved guide and maximum number of traveler in each group.
3. By an admission fee. The fee will be spent on future development of Mykines to an even better tourist attraction etc.

The owners hope that every traveler now and in the future will enjoy Mykines and its nature and we hope for your full cooperation in our effort to protect and preserve our nature.

PS.  Pay the Fee on the Ferry



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