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Teigarnir - Drangarnir

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Teigarnir - Drangarnir
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Highly recommend hiking with Pól. Being avid hikers at home, we asked for longer, more difficult hikes. Pól delivered. Both hikes (we booked two full days with him) were amazing. Pól pushed the difficulty level (as we requested) and both hikes had amazing views. Even if you are a more experienced hiker and feel that you do not need a guide, it is still worth booking with Pól. Pól took us to places we would have never found on our own - even with maps and local guidance.
Katie Smith - America
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Pól is an amazing guide, a true man of the (faroese) mountains. We joined him for an all day hike and he provided great commentary on the land, birds and history of the islands, all while leading us at a steady pace. I think he knows nearly every step of the islands!
William Trout - England
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If you choose Pól as your guide then you get the best hiking guide here in the Faroe Islands. He has knowledge, experience and easy to talk to, you are safe and get some good tours when you hiking with him.
Pauli Djurholm - Faroe Islands
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